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If you’ve been watching the media recently you without a doubt know that most online criminals are trying to compromise Facebook accounts currently.

As with every other popular web-site its global recognition lures in a great deal of vicious people. Obviously you may use your Facebook account for plenty of great things but the only thing these people are thinking about is to compromise your account.

It really is easy to become a victim of the cyber criminals on Facebook. Heard about It’s an industry leader when it comes to FB account hacking. Nonetheless there are some things you can do in order to safeguard your account. Many are just basic common sense and we’ll list the most important ones here:

Do not click on suspicious links

The # 1 consideration to remember is to avoid visiting hyperlinks you aren’t familiar with. Although these hyperlinks may be from your buddies whom you trust you can’t recognize if they already have been hacked. In the worst case scenario the hyperlink is harmful and often will ask you for your Facebook details. Submitting your password can mail the information straight to the hacker. Thus, always be aware when being asked to click a link you don’t know.

Apps and games aren’t always your friend

Facebook password hacker security

Which apps protect privacy?

The second thing to remember would be that apps and games aren’t always safe to use. Facebook has a huge number of handy and legit applications and games that users utilize daily, yet this tremendous selection makes it easy for online hackers to fool users into adding and utilizing apps which are nothing but scams. If someone recommends you to add an application you have never heard of, send them a private message before you give access to the app and ask them if they really personally use that application and confirm that they truly sent the recommendation. Simply because it seems that it was sent to you from a close friend doesn’t mean it truly was.

Received an email that seem to have been sent to you from Facebook itself?

Another important thing is, constantly be cautious of e-mail messages that have been mailed to you from Facebook. Do not ever click a hyperlink to Facebook that was sent to your email through an email. Instead, sign in to Facebook in the usual standard way, have a look at the notifications to determine if the thing stated in the e mail actually happened. It is wise to keep in mind that email is among the most vulnerable techniques there’s for communicating online.

Malicious links in your news feed

Something that gets more and more widespread on FB in recent times is mysterious links that appear in your news feed. Even though a link is shared by your friend does not mean you automatically must trust being harmless. The FB account of your friend may have been taken over by a third party. The easiest method to test whether or not your friend truly shared the website link is to contact him IRL and have him confirm it.

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Reset a hacked Facebook account

In the horrifying case that you or maybe your friends profile got broken into then be sure to change the password right away. Modify the password for your email address too so that the intruder cannot get back the password. By doing so you’ve got the hacker locked out from the profile and again you’ll be secure.

Moreover, track your individual Timeline. Almost all items that is displayed there was caused by your own actions. If you notice an item on your own Timeline that does not look right, send a message to the person who apparently sent it after which you can remove the item.

In the event you haven’t previously, you’ll possibly experience friend requests from persons who you don’t know. Nearly all are going to be legitimate requests however, some of those may very well be from fraudsters wishing to crack your account. As a rule of thumb never ever accept friend requests by persons you don’t know. In spite of how friendly or sexy they appear. Keep in mind that the person from the avatar may not be the person owning the user. Here’s a few things to be cautious about:

1. How old is the persons’ profile? If it had been made in the past week or less, We’d highly recommend dismissing the friend request unless it originated from someone you know already.

2. The intruder is not very likely to use pics of himself for his fraudulent Facebook account. He may therefore typically download a number of photos on Google. These will typically be photos of movie stars or models therefore they will often seem to be way too good-looking for a Fb page. Always remember this when you determine whether the account is authentic or phony.

3. You’ll be able to view the Facebook posts of the Facebook profile at the same time. What sort of things is the profile posting? Is he marketing merchandise or publishing plenty of links? In that case then be cautious when accepting the friend request.

I hope this will aid you remaining safer on Facebook.


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